Locomotive Breath

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Author SeventhSpirit
Tags author:seventhspirit puzzle rated teleporters
Created 2010-01-03
Last Modified 2010-01-03
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description Let the smoke-filled air entangle you in a deep generic trance
lifting away your worries,
your troubles,
This is locomotive breath.

teleporter puzzle. If the teleporter kills you, you did something wrong. Deeply.

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Great map


good map

i love it

great puzzler. a 5 for sure.

no, go for it.

I couldn't make anything with it that didn't detract from the picture myself, otherwise I would've gone for it. :/
Good. An actual confusing puzzle for once. ( It gave me Nausea D= )
5/5. Demo in Nreality. Awesome.



my avatar

is impossible?
good map, 4

try to make a sequel as good as this or better ;)
i like this one very much
Demo Data

slow AGD

i try to get a faster AGD

that's crazy funny :D
Demo Data