A Non-Food Realated Map

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob hybrid not-food puzzle puzzle-action-hybrid rated
Created 2010-01-03
Last Modified 2010-01-03
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Though the meaning changes entirely when you substitute "non" with "nan"

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Whoops wrong demo

Funny thing is, that the last one was still a fast AGD
Demo Data

haha wow

thanks that's some high praise!

Faster AGD

By a long, long way, it would appear.

This is possibly the best map i have ever played <3

Demo Data

Oh -

yeah the mines at the bottom were intended to be like that.

Thanks everyone :D

@senfood - I don't know what your talking about but it may have been intentional (but I've been known to slip up xD )
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Really good but little bit cheatable !
i like it :)
5aved ;D

really nice

Demo Data


loved it.
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Faster AGD

Awesome map man, great placement of enemies and great fun to play 4/5
Demo Data


is a brilliant map agree with flag. 5/5

Everything you do is so cool and fucking inventive.


slow AGD. Lovely map. I mean, /really/ nice. Very innovative, as always.
Demo Data

The only reason

that I made this was that it was too late to play piano (people sleeping), I have no good music software or samples on this computer, and I'm too effing sick of college essays.

Make of it what you will.