Dreamscape Citadel

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine citadel dreamy featured rated
Created 2010-01-04
Last Modified 2010-02-13
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description the origin of symmetry.

edit: this will be a part of Megalith.

non-cheatable [] version.

This map was featured on 2010-03-28

While exploring deep in a lush jungle, you stumble upon a rickety old tower. It appears to be some sort of ritual temple, long abandoned by its creators. You finally get past the trapdoors, poisoned arrows and spooky voodoo statues, to enter the temple itself. Then the discovery comes that the only way out is through the top, past many layers of reanimated defenses and spiritual curses. Enjoy dodging rockets, jumping past gauss and avoiding drones and mines in this atmospheric map. This citadel was devoted to the ancient god of balance; I think you better start prayin' for mercy.-script — toasters

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I died at the last switch,
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O sweet

already faved this fella before a feature. some of the gold through off my smoothness, but the gameplay overall is hearted


congrats to your 5th featured map^^


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up past the rocket isn't very fun

the rest is pretty good - cool that it's symmetrical
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updates on the situation. []

lol moony

you cheeky coot!




i still exist

cheers guys. :)
The jump angles presented by the tiles are one of the map's strongest elements.

The general design of this is lovely, I don't like the final rocket area (look or play), but aside from that it's great imo!


now I know where you've got your symmetry idea for "The Power of Two" from. should our maps be like this?
looks cool, plays well. you really deserve this feature. 4
for jump angles. 3/5


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A Creature Feature is based on the quality of the review.


even if it's not his review. looks vaguely similar to a toasters map.
somehow script made that not sound cheesy and actually pretty cool. Nice :D

Creature Feature.

Review by script.

Muse <3


don't tell me o_a delisted your map...

you know

this should be the one with 100 rates '_'


I really liked the top part with the rocket, it was my favorite.

5aved SUb-2000 AGD

You really know how to do symmetry. This didn't get boring, and I didn't get tired of doing the same thing twice. My theory - The gameplay is damn awesome that doing it twice is not bothersome at all. This also means - super replayability. Not to mention good looking, but you do that in all your maps.
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say that too much, i already quoted you on my profile...


put on my elusive favorites list