Ferox Hates Us.

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Author squibbles
Tags author:squibbles collab ferox hates palemoon rated us
Created 2010-01-04
Last Modified 2010-01-04
by 12 people.
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Description Palemoon and squibbles saw Ferox's Profile, and discovered we were his least favorite mappers.

We thought we should celebrate with a collaboration.

Play his latest map []!

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great run, izzy


Fun for what it is, I like the jump. Worth a 2.5, which I'll round up for the lols
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almost forgot.
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Full Picture of me:
For one, I do hate either of you.
Second, when I first looked up "Ferox," I read that it meant mage/wizard/warlock.
Third, I don't know why I added Squibbles to my least fav. authors list, it was when I first joined.
Fourth, I've only found one Palemoon map I like, and I do not care for maps like number 180000.
Fifth, I'm not actually that mean: you can talk to S93K about that.
Sixth: Some people call me "Rusty:"
Fe = Iron, Ox = Oxide, Iron oxide is rust.


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This map...

is PALEMOONish! Striking simplicity makes for a very good map!

And shame on Ferox whoever he is. There there, PM, don't cry. S'gonna be okay =)


speediness and spam lol
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??whos ferox??

you guys are mean.

Don't flame. He's the only person who's ever put me in a list, so I like him. :(

why didnt

i think of this route before....?
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Ferox is latin for fierce. He's pretentious.

MUCH better

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slow run

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awwww squibs

dont feel bad at least /I/ Like you as a mapper and a person.


I had no idea that Ferox didn't like you guys nor that he didn't like palemoon either and to be honest it was such a shock to me when I first read that and realised that he does in fact not like you at all because i also noticed it in his profile that i went in the kitchen and had a shortbread biscuit.

oh yeah

I forgot. I have a faster one. :/
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