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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate birthday playable rated
Created 2010-01-04
Last Modified 2010-01-04
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description It's a balloon for my birthday, and I'm celebrating with a classic chaingun map that I don't do often enough. It has some good action in it, but it's not super-difficult like Shooting Stars was. No, this one is both exciting and not-frustrating! Have at it!

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at our collab map. :)
sorry, but i have midterms this week so i've been reeeaaalllyyy busy, but i have friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday off, and i don't have any homework, so i have a lot of time to work. :)

made one

that wasnt a race or a mine jumper =D
and sure, i'll playtest. do you wanna collab with me too? lol cuz i have a tileset, but i can't figure out what to do with the enemies.

That is why

I bolded and underlined the word balloon
when this happened. Happy Birthday Technochocolate!! :D
Demo Data

Happy Birthday ;)

--> sperm :P

Agree with Geej, but happy birthday anyways!!

harpy borthday!


Happy speedrun

Here's a birthday:
Demo Data


the chaingun went really went with the rocket on the right...
5aved :D


But happy birthday!

OKay ima say it

it looks WAY more like sperm than a balloon (just imo)