Generic Bunnies

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Author SeventhSpirit
Tags author:seventhspirit fun generic i-out-genericd-you-squibbles unrated
Created 2010-01-05
Last Modified 2010-01-05
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Description flippidy floppidy.

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looks really cool

and its fun to play even though i couldnt beat it. 4. please check out my new map. should know I wouldn't truly mean that...

Agree with script. It needs much more refinement.


that was waaay too hard.
too many enemies + too much gold. the chaingun room was impossible. the rocket room to the left was impossible. It just didn't seem fun at all and my computer was even slightly laggy. just ease it up and put those awesome mechanics to better use.
The gameplay was engaging and unusual, and it's visually very interesting.

Generic-ism is as easy as using concepts that are uninnovative and boring. You did neither here. Drone train - Cool! Trap Doors - Whoa, edgy!

My honest opinion is that this map could have benefited from a few less objects, and certainly if some of those were enemies. The huge number of things to look out for with the mines and the enemies just made it a bit to hard, and somewhat unenjoyable, I'm afraid. Granted, I did enjoy it, but I know if it were a bit more refined, I could've enjoyed it much more.

Here comes the fox.
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