Heckled en route to the guillotine

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Author aerodynamic
Tags author:aerodynamic fun hard playable prisoner puzzle rated
Created 2010-01-05
Last Modified 2010-01-05
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Can you survive long enough to die?

A puzzle/prisoner map. Idk, I think it's pretty clever.

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Theming on this is just awesome. F4ved. ^_^


i made a ded for you :D
Apparently, I'm getting hated on because I'm well liked. Show me the logic in that :\

Actually, I'm so well hated/liked that I got a whole war started against me: []

Rates mean nothing to me (check out my last 5 maps or so if you don't believe me) so I'll keep mapping. I just won't post them for a bit until my popularity subsides.

(Wow I'm full of it)

Yes that is considered an adg ded to you

Hey if you can agd this [] map there's a ded in it for you...

you have to be really smart.
but I'll throw out a reminder that it's supposed to be a puzzle, too.

Demo Data

yeah, it's tough

the claustrophobia of it all was intended, though, and I had hoped that the relatively short length of the map would make up for the difficulty :| . I'm sure other people could have executed this better, but, hey. As for looks, I think I just have unique tastes :P

jeebus christ

that was tough... no demo from me ;)
good idea, executed... okayish
i thought it was pretty ugly, but it does have a unique sense of style.

About the map.

Yeah, sure, I thought it was a pretty cool idea too. But I found it hard with those rockets going on at you all the time. I would've personally liked to see more space between those drones, because you are already cramped with them and you really don't need some rockets to come flying at you.

As far as I got:
Demo Data


Demo Data


...tion is passed.
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