Take the bridge, men!

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine featured hard large rated thwump-jumper
Created 2010-01-05
Last Modified 2010-07-06
by 137 people.
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Description relisted, so it can be found in my archive.

This map was featured on 2011-08-31

A stronghold protected by a lonesome bridge, so goes the tale. Open and deceptive, a structure of destruction, playfully toying with you, reading your mind. Many have tried and failed at passing through this bridge, and those that have been successful have since never been seen again. Regardless, it is now up to a lone stranger with an affinity for gold to storm this bridge and destroy it from the inside out. One hundred thirty-one ninja have already died. Let us see if sixty-nine more can take the bridge. (Hehe.) — Ur

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I'll get around to banning you forever when I feel like it, Sunset.


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I don't like the drones, they completely destroy the flow of the map imo.
Demo Data
Thi map is pretty cool, the thwumps work really well with the tiles and the drones are strangely not annoying at all.
and doesn't afraid of anything. :P
"Remember the good ol' days of NUMA? When people ran through the streets naked and riots broke out on random maps everywhere? I want to bring that glory back to this place. Please, please, don't be alarmed. It's only a fire drill. We'll do the actual rioting later when everyone has something to riot about."

Thank you Mr. Southpaw.
merely sharing a wonderful map with the community. you should not think of me as evil but as your friend. >___>:D:<


A new archive is already being made. Where have you been?
And getting the exit key was excellent use of mechanics.

133 rates? woah

congratulations on the feature anyways

somehow, somehow

I knew this "Ur" guy was gonna troll at some point or another... First his contest about mazes, and then this?

I'm like, psychic or something.

Googling christ on a fucking candle was a bad move

Oh god who the fuck is this Ur person

Oh my god why did you feature this map it is so popular

Oh no I'm leaving

Oh christ on a fucking candle he should delist this map

I'm making my own map archive website

Holy tits

more than 1/10 of your total rates come from this map o_o

the oneways

really complemented this map. i don't know why, still kinda difficult for me.

I love

that song to by michael buble

Woo back

from holiday haha!!! I am the worst skier ever ;) may I ask do you think Im a good map maker?

na die hier


I havent even got a map with more than 20 rates :( would you like to collab sometime? Im free to make some tiles now?

Are you

pleased with this map? how its not featured is beyond me


Column 80 sure was a pain


I can't believe this is still at the top. :D

I relisted it so it can be found in my archive...I didn't know it would be at the top of the page again.

I'll delist it again ;__;


delist it. then relist when it is done floating. the only reason your relisted is to get rates?


non n-art at the top with over 100 ratings for ages!!!
to be able to find it in your archive would it not make more sense to re-list it in like a week when it would have fallen off anyway and you wouldn't have to worry about reopening the whole problem. Also I always seem to miss drama like this :(

It won't

thanks ;) but please don't rate anymore, I want this to go down as fast as possible.

fun map =]

not such the floor guard at the bottom was really needed. but i like he way it progressed as you get higher, and you managed to stop it from being repetative despite using the same asthetic format lots. 4


Despite the fact that this isn't legit and you delisted because of the attention being the way it is, the map did reach 100 rates anyways and made it on this list: Maps with 100+ ratings [].

I would completely understand if you wish me to take it off, though I would suggest leaving it on. Anybody that sees the list probably knows what happened here and knows that it is not your fault, (and imo origami's as well). They would probably understand what happened and if they didn't, then its easy to figure it out by reading the newest comments as well as the fact that this is delisted.

Also it makes the list more complete as I tried to get all that made it to 100. Only pheidi is ignored, but that was because he asked to be so. I think that it would be nice to have it on the list (which I'm still updating), though if you wish, I'll take it off.

On a side note, I would add that I fully believe it is neither yours or origami's fault. I believe that it was probably a person with no name for them self (yet, if their trying).

I agree

Good work delisting
This is why you are popular. Oh and your good maps, that helps too.


praise you, nevershine. Dealin' with it like a man. :D

time to stop this now. I don't care about who did this, but that's enough. I don't want this kind of attention.