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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading awesome ded karmap0lice rated
Created 2010-01-06
Last Modified 2010-01-06
by 13 people.
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Description Its easy isnt it not really haha. ded to karmap0lice one of the best mappers ever!! This map was inspired by karap0lice's map. One of my best yet by far.

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why thankyou :] faster demo
Demo Data

A good map :)

I tried for a first-attempt speedrun but it's too slow :|

Anyway, 3.5... Don't know whether to round up or down here, I like the looks of it but it feels a bit void, so I'll go with a large 3, then.
Demo Data


I like how you show how to go through a one-way platform with a diagonal slope! :D

You sub it

I'm kinda under snipe attack right now. Don't put "collab with zthing" or anything like that so it doesn't get mass sniped, just add the tag zcollab.

Lets call it



Here's why I got mass sniped: []

By the way, I rposted those edits of that map data you sent me below.

sure I remember you

how could I not :D
So thats why i quitted rs
I took out a lot of gold because there was just too much of it. Added some bouncebacks, moved the gausses/rocket, added mines and some floorguards. []

Post your reviews on this thread []

Follow the directions there and it should be pretty simple

yes, what

Yes, becoming a reviewer is goal #1 for me. I'm sure you can write great reviews. I can't wait for that CreatureFeature thing to start up. It sounds like fun.

Oh really? Thats a shame. Well, I look forward to when you map again.
I'm subbing my comeback map today, so thanks for the warm welcome. We should collab again soon for sure, but I have some homemade maps to submit before that. ;)


Not excellent but funny to play ;)

Map submitted ;) []
It's the map of our collab, with a beautiful image and fantastic tileset :D
Rate it pleaze !
(and i rate this map ;))

3/5. Alright map, but a bit easy.

Actually, 2.5aved because I like the look :)

Alright map but I think it is far too similar to karma's map but hey. 2.5 rated up.

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this was ok...

i didnt like the how u started though...
and some gold was kidna annoying to get.



sub 300

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It isn't bad, but the aesthetics really brought it down. The gameplay wasn't that active and the replay value wasn't that high either.

Demo Data

I liked

this map its good that your using advice

ok i will

take them out

Everything is cool

apart from the thwumps. I think the map would be much better without them. I also think the gauss is pretty unnecessary, the chainguns cover most of the area.