321 NovaStart

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine nova rated start
Created 2010-01-06
Last Modified 2010-07-06
by 10 people.
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Description 10 9 8

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other map?

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No 5

because of the aforementioned laser.
But its soooo good otherwise.

Whatever the bridge fiasco is, it reminds me of that bridge that got dominated by sound waves back in the forties.

Here's an AGD

The laser part was pretty cool. But I don't see what was so special about the drones. It was kind of annoying having to wait so long for them when I wanted to go back down on the right side, but over all it was fun.
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you were a multiaccounter. ._.

also, hi

ohne scheiß

ich hätte nie gedacht das du so ein genialer autor wirst :]


I just copied every map of yours into my userlevels file. You are awesome.
End of story.
I'm going.


you should relist it. it definitely deserves a 5, and even with it, your rate/map ratio is still worse than many people who don't deserve to lick your shoes (in terms of mapping skill).

and about this map, it's another favorite from you. your maps seem to only get better and better. The beginning of this was ingenious, with the drones, and that laser was perfect imo, just the right difficulty. those thwumps were sexy.

thanks, guys! I chaged the laser section a bit tom make it more enjoyable. I didn't have the heart to remove the laser, I love how it makes getting the exit switch exciting.


The laser was inconvieneint at the most. I don't think it was overkill though. Removing it might be something to consider. The drones though, just wow. Great pathing shine.
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but the drones are fantastic


I really like it, especially the drone mechanics.
Everything else is so damn awesome I'm lost for words.

The drone pathing is fantastic. Keep it up!