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Author brainbabe
Tags action author:brainbabe firstmap playable rated rockets
Created 2010-01-06
Last Modified 2010-01-06
by 13 people.
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Description first map guyss! feedback would be nice =] xxxx


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Apart from that, this map is really fun. For a first map, this is exceptionally good. You should perhaps work on some more complex structures within your maps.


Pretty hard, man.

Welcome and all that ;)
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I like it


hard, but nice :)


nice for a first.
4/5. (:

loved it

i dont really care so much about the tiles just as long as the game play is good. this map's gameplay is great. the only thing is the key inside the mini tunnel on the left was a pain to get. ill give you a 4. enjoy staying here at NUMA.

Very nice

welcome to NUMA!

solid feedback: you should work on your tiles. to me, this rule doesnt count on your first map, but it will greatly improve your skills with N.
a definite 4, for the first. Enjoy your stay here!! :D


The aesthetics were so-so. That is to say, it plays better than it looks, but that's perfectly ok. The gold pattern looks nice, (although it's used a lot here at NUMA) and the enemies and rockets were well placed. The level of difficulty was good (for me). I was able to get every switch, but the rockets always seemed to catch me before I could make it out of the launch pad chimney. Either that, or I would hit the fourth lowest mine immediately after hitting the launch pad. Overall, a good map. Keep it up.
thanks guys! will work on trying to make it less awkward next time.
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I can't do it. I can't get the top switch or the left switch without dieing. That being said, it is fun and I like the "style."

Cool gold.