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Author Fraxtil
Tags action author:fraxtil featured life247 playable pushover rated
Created 2010-01-06
Last Modified 2014-08-30
by 24 people.
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Description My first map in over half a year! Credit goes to Life247 for assisting me with parts of the level design. Tileset is my own [] from nearly two years ago.

This map was featured on 2010-01-18

Pushover by Fraxtil is a unique map in all regards. The gameplay is definitely old school, featuring a room by room progression, each with its own challenge. But in every part, the attention to detail and the thoughtful design reveal its modern grounding. The way in which forgotten enemies threaten the player in new sections to keep them on their toes is a great mechanic, one that is utilized to the fullest in this map. — toasters


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wtf people?

how can this be boring? Old-School is the best. Definitely

Incredable... 5aved.

But yea

its been awhile since I've enjoyed a long map. faved.


4 fo gameplay


WOW! I find this style so like my own! Well... the room-to-room part of it anyway. the aestetics are quite different. 4/5, I would like to thank you for helping me figure out how to describe my style.
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I think that after a map becomes "featured", it becomes subject to much harsher criticism. All the comments prior to being featured are positive, while the rest are mostly negative. :/


i really think we sould all think of very "abstract" maps now, or something very unique. because this kind of map is sooooooo boring and ordinary.

lazy AGD

it's uh. eh. alright. i like the confusingness of it and length of it but. yeah. the two previous comments sum it up a bit.
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Like a Sendy map without the flair, sorry.

really boring.

laser was the worst part.


nice map



I don't really like these glitchy maps


(/end detailed, constructive comment)


thats... damn...

Very fun.

laser was *perfect*

and now we match!

I liked this a lot.


Ordinary theme, ordinary gameplay, ordinary progression. The only thing that was not ordinary is that all these was executed a little puzzlish in this map. 3.5, rounded down.
The laser had nice reach though

I like Fraxtil better than Gforce anyway.

AGD-4 as well.

This is really neat. It's got those old school vibes with the design and the looks, but the play is really refined. Great map.
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Could be better. Shorter.
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Nice map here. I like how you span it out with the use of one-ways. The enemies were also put to good use, thus making an all-gold a challenge. My favourite part was climbing up that room with the floorguards. My only concern was that some enemies were a bit herd to get past, like that rocket and how it sometimes got you in the floorguard place. Other than that, very nicely done.
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He changed his name to Fraxtil because "Gforce" was too common on the internet and he didn't like having numbers in his screen name.


one of the only things that bugs me is the guass IN the oneway. other than that great. welcome back.

Quick-ish run. I'm sure sub-2400 is possible. If anyone can get under 2000 frames, he or she will receive an awesome dedication. Same goes for a sub-3333 AGD.
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accidentally rated it a 5 XD

welcome back.

Pretty good for a comeback XD
I like how you positioned the drones. Good timing, and everything. 4/5