Deadly Lines

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Author brainbabe
Tags action author:brainbabe hard playable puzzle unrated
Created 2010-01-07
Last Modified 2010-01-07
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Map Data

Description hey everyone!! this is my second map ive ever made! i tried to make it look nicer then my last one, but some how it ended up really hard. hope you guys enjoy a challenge =P.

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oh haii!


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But I like it
Demo Data
The number of mines was actually not too hard, but they did look pretty ugly. The excessive amount of gold took away most of the fun from AGD runs, and some of it was placed in spots that were extremely awkward and difficult to get to. Some nice mechanics though. 3/5.

you asked

for image-maps on theblacklion's last map.
here, have some fun : []


Not too bad. A little excessive with the gold and mines, less is always more with N maps. I liked the tileset, didn't really like the gauss at the start.


Pretty good for a second, 4.5/5 but I'll round it to 5 :)