Like The Toenail Clippers At Marche

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Author mistaken72
Tags action author:mistaken72 playable resub unrated
Created 2010-01-08
Last Modified 2010-01-08
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Description Well, since I've left NUMA, I thought I'd reupload smoe of my older maps that I deleted when bitesizeNUMA was still around so that some of the newer authors can also enjoy them. Hope you still like em'!

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is so Jiggerjaw.

I am, actually.

I'm in the JC-1 cohort this year, which will begin schooling on Monday, the 18th. So I won't be able to map regularly for a while. :(


A gauss may have been more suitable.

Nice minejumper though.

tough map.

i keep going through the chain gun fire the first round he fires after i miss the first jump. I cant do those jumps well so im not very good at this map. ;D

Hey Wizard.

How's school so far?

ooh la la


That jump is fun to do.

Ah! Marche!

Incredibly satisfying when pulled off well. non-fbf (as you can see from the speed.
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