It Must Be My Lucky Day

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Author the_puzzler
Tags author:the_puzzler unrated
Created 2010-01-08
Last Modified 2010-01-08
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Description First off, PLEASE play before you rate/comment. DED to the fastest AGD (are you feeling lucky?). I know the tiles aren't great, I sacrificed looks for gameplay. The tiles were designed to be helpful one minute, then be a pain the next. I tried some new things with this one, let me know what you all think! Enjoy!

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yeah! the eye is great
here [] is just one version with the oneway, cause otherways it's cheatable... then you just could collect the right switch and finisch the level
- guy, it's your turn to think of a great story and tu submit the map :) just pm to me when you subbed it

if this is ok for you :)

nice demo :D
but may you get, what i mean
Demo Data

i added some mines - and the gold
i think, the oneway platform thing is a good idea, but ugly... may you could do this better

i added the nessi a bit, if you don't like it, change it
her it is []

to this map, i ment to reach the exit... go through the thwump and reach the exit

Is too, watch!

it's tricky
Demo Data

it is not possible to the through the thwump...