24 Hours

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Author brainbabe
Tags action author:brainbabe circle flow playable rated
Created 2010-01-08
Last Modified 2010-01-08
by 5 people.
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Description 4th map. just thought id do something easy. all my others are really hard. this ones just got alot of flow. i hope! =P.

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Loved this map 5

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Hehe, I can get an AGD with a little effort, but it's still quite the challenge. My only complaint is that bottom right locked door switch above the mines. Try to make you environments easier to maneuver through.


I just had to find out the dumb way XD
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Very fun map
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what happened is

called the ghost glitch. if you hit a mine and a launch pad at the same time than you become a ghost. i have no idea why it happens lol
thanks guyss =]
crashing toward the sun!

oh it's less flowy than i thought...
see demo

mines are a great extry challenge - 4/5
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it looks very good

the gold pathing and bounce blocks look good. this is not easy, its hard. the doors dont look very good in the circle, and i would have prefered this map without the mines.

that said, its excelent for your fourth map, i expect more from you!