the antiPopular Project!

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Author pakwan
Tags author:pakwan f rated
Created 2010-01-10
Last Modified 2010-01-10
by 8 people.
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Description this project if for those people like ZTHING AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO MAKE SHITTY MAPS BUT GET 5 STAR JUST CUZ THERE POPULAR!WELL NOT THIS TIME I PLAN TO MAKE 50 -60 USERS AND RATE AT LEAST ONE OF THERE MAPS 1 STAR ABOUT 20-60 TIMES!I only do this twice day!and someday i hope they learn there lesson!

Im also a good boy:)I will give 5 stars to those people like "Izzy" and 123alien" if your nice all your maps get 5 stars!

I will not give out any of my other users because i will not get ban or kicked or whatever!But just to tell you guys!The cheating or whatever you guys call it (i think you guys call it sniping" wtf? Well what ever this shit you guys call will begin noW

If you want to support me please visit my site

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I was looking in my dictionary, and I couldn't find the word 'douchebag'. Think you could define that for me... like showing me a picture of yourself?


how about... []


You suck

Get over it, let the good mappers get their respect, and fuck off.

This map

sucks. Mostly on an aesthetical level, but the gameplay is pretty bad too. :)

You're such a dick. Seriously, I wish you'd find somewhere else to vent your pre-pubescent tantrum instead of here. A lot of the authors you sniped make good maps, unlike your good self.

Did I mention you're a dick? Yeah, that's pretty much it. Kthxbai.

Well, well, well

this is giving you your wanted attention... but in a very bad way. You can continue to snipe my maps, but i dont care anymore. Ill stlil be here when your done and will continue to make GOOD maps.

Thanks for the rates though! Without you, my maps might have around 4/5/6 total rates. Now they have 25 and 23 with a lot more comments than before =D

Speed demo; could be plenty faster.
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Nothing on you, but it's just your popular fanbase. :D

numa_ninja I like my reference :)


was fighting the same battle. Then I just decided to pull a John Galt and simply go on strike. No more rates for me. It's an idea you /might/ want to consider.


to state my mind, which this map was obviously intended to inspire people to do:
You are attempting to fight fire with fire. You cannot hope to destroy the meaning of the rating system by using the rating system. By your own standards, ratings mean nothing; so rating people down will not teach anyone anything.


snipe script. he has (literally) nooooooothing to lose


you should do that to me!


I understand what you're saying and I agree. But i'm not popular and he sniped my maps. Does this not say anything?
Wayy too many maps are overrated nowadays. The whole rating system has gone to the dogs, and frankly it's a bunch of crap. It's all like 'OOH IT'S RF OR PALEMOON OR INSPIRED OR LEAFF LETS ALL RATE FIVE! LOL'. I'm about as sick and tired if it as you are.
The funny thing is... no I can't say it. Whatever... come snipe me next. My maps are just as shitty as Z's.


great job.

Hey bro.

Bro lissen.

What you need here, is counseling. I know what you're going through - it's tough. We all have to go through it. We're all changing, hormones are exploding, and pretty much if things don't go your way, you get mad.

But lissen.

This is not the time to take your anger out in such a fashion. I want you to call me. You can reach me at 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255). When call, ask for "Ima Su Ehsyde" and they'll walk you through it.

Bring a box of tissues. You'll need it.
Up to the sniping part. There really are shitloads of overrated authors here. And

Let's snipe everyone 'cos that will be fun. NOT.