Mining Ore

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace lasers ore race rated
Created 2010-01-10
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description A race I made. Easier than most of my races I think. Much more fun too. Hold left at the start. RCE!

edit: some objects and tiles
Edit: Tags

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wtf is a sniper? []

I got hit the worst (so far)

thank you

=) honest ratings are the best. not a mass snipers ratings =/

could there be a connection to that massivly antisniped map by nevershine?

I dunno

i think you need more time on each section... and playtest it more. it feels like you just placed the path without thinking about it much.
it was a decent race. 3/5


I makes it a 2 instead of a 1


looks like that jerk that mass sniped ZTHING found you...

I like the floating tiles, it somehow makes the race feel exciting and dangerous.


a ton of snipes =/

This certainly does not deserve a 1, despite its flaws.

omg... totally sniped!


it can be a bit tricky i guess. ill try making maps with a bit more consideration of outside players... how would somebody that never played this map approach it. =)

Also, I didn't say it was bad, it was quite novel, but I'm not good at doing it

Wait, I somewhat did it!
Demo Data
and the thwump jump with the one ways is my favorite in the race =(

Indeed... and then there's the thwump thingy a bit after that...

ah i see... but this jump is very anoying!
Demo Data
also in Ned, if you just copy pasted, the tiles end one down than its supposed too. N starts in a tile.
Demo Data

Also, if you don't hold left, you can time it pretty easily to hit the launchpad and the drone and activate the invincibility glitch.

Can't find flow either... seriously, demo please

i can't find the flow... can you please post a demo?

Demo Data


DonĀ“t realy like this... :/