Little Fighter X

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Author furry_ant
Tags action author:furry_ant chiptune mrmc rated video
Created 2010-01-10
Last Modified 2010-06-12
by 31 people.
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Description Watch this being made. [] <3

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i love the cavern. it has a great atmosphere. faved.
Daaang. you are awesome.


fun as always *goes to watch video*
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this sniping

this is sooooo annoying dude so badly 5!!!!!


Is this map meant to be rated so low, or are there just alot of assholes on NUMA?

have you ever taken musical theory or written songs before?
i would experiment with famitracker if you haven't had any experience with a tracker before, which is what LSDJ is.
i've tried both LSDJ and nanoloop on emulators and have had serious issues learning them, so i wish you the best of luck, also i have a list of bands you might be interested in


i think you've changed your style gratz on another featured

also a faster speed demo
sorry for so many comments ._.
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Demo Data

sorry for the music rant
heres a demo
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You asked whether the guy was on NUMA... His youtube account was inactive for one year, so I think I'll awnser for him^^: []

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Demo Data
I saw you putting those three oneways to reach the exit. I was thinking: 'and now he's gonna put a mine on it'

I was right.


monsieur furry.

i'm in love with fighter x,
you might want to check out,
kola kid,
fizzy dino pop
and shirobon,
they are pretty similar.

if you want some crazy stuff,
look up GTUK,
and bubblegum octopus,


haha (: