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Author aerodynamic
Tags action author:aerodynamic easy fun gold playable unrated
Created 2010-01-11
Last Modified 2010-01-11
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Description This is a really bad time to upload a map, but I don't feel like waiting anymore. This should be easy enough to complete on its own, while an agd offers more (but not too much more) of a challenge imo. Hopefully people will like my tiles for once... the clouds are oof-style, but I didn't actually copy any of his tiles. Oh, I also feel like it offers plenty of different routes for agds and speedruns, so show me some!

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Unlike 29403, I think this is a wonderful map. The gold is beatiful the chaingun is avoidable, the rocket is dodgeable but the thwump....

The thwump felt out of place in this map.

Anyway, The start was good, nice 'fake' door. the bounceblocks caused me to flounder around dodging the rocket.. but they complimented the gold design. Over all....

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i changed the map :D


Demo Data


Good, but a bit messy.

slow agd

I was actually still play-testing when I made this, but it gives you all something to beat.
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