It's The Bomb! ...Shell

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Author miststalker06
Tags agdmap author:miststalker06 challenge easy fun rated
Created 2010-01-12
Last Modified 2010-01-12
by 9 people.
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Description A cool, little AGD map with a little challenge. Quite easy, but nice for speedagds :)
RCE, please :D <3

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demo :)
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Almost faster.

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even faster...
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Collecting the gold was great to collect :) It was a bit easy and short but wooshing through the gold was worth it. 3,5^/5.


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ow shit

yours (miststalker) is faster...


faster ;P
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yeah by the way 4/5

I read this post [] and I'm trying to consider it. I rate a 2,5 rounded down. It looks nice, but the gameplay was mostly uninteresting. The mines were sweet, though.
I like your style, keep it up
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AGD death

It is easy, but fun. A nice little map.
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One frame faster...

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good use of the rocket :) oh i made you a ded map but forgot to give you the link you should check it out though i was very pleased with it.
fairly easy :)
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