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Author shortshift
Tags action author:shortshift rated ska
Created 2010-01-13
Last Modified 2010-01-13
by 10 people.
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Description A collaboration with the sexy ska.

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are you up for playtesting my pack? :O
i'll send you a pm. schiquattro right? something like that? i'll find it.

Wanna collab?

..I got some potential stuff thats begging to be toyed around with..






lucky bastard

i bet ska doesnt know i exist

2nd try AGD

i think it's a little boring and unimaginative for the most part. i liked aspects of it. the top portion was my favorite.
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Agrees with ChrisE.

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sounds like a retarded person saying, "A Jew"

By the way I am also extremely disappointed... that this map is so awesome!!! (like duh - I helped)

si es perfecto, amigo

I kinda agree with romaniac, but then again, it is good to have alternative methods, and not everyone can pull off the one tile jump..

well made

has awesome gameplay, imo.
that it wasn't necessary to go over the top to get the exit key :(
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The exit should be more easy to get to. I'm so annoyed that I can't finish it. :(


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