Mining Iron

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace lasers race rated snake
Created 2010-01-15
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 14 people.
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Description One of my best yet I feel. The top is very fun. =)

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still needs a bit of work on some parts of flow... and the asthetics need some adjustments. a good map though 4/5.

and sorry about the collab again.. ive barely been home over the last couple of months.. will try and get it to you tomorrow or the next day.


Loved this map! I liked the whole non-linear thing it had going: you didn't have to the sections in any particular order. Very fun to play


Im off now tho cya tomorrow

haha thanks =D

that top right took forever to get it how it is...


love the bit on the top right with the two lasers.
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this is definately one of your best making it 5
the top was quite unique in terms of flow. And I've said this a million times, but aesthetics is what will get more poeple to click on your map, so they can find out their great gameplay.


can you make a plain action map with good flow, flexibility, and no difficult mine jumps? I hope I'm not asking too much, but I haven't been into the type of maps you've been making lately (I don't like races or jump-precision types), and I want to play one recent map of yours.

thanks people =)

Im not the best with aesthetics ill admit... i just dont know what to do entirely yet in that area.

& the title is inspired from unescape... i see my brothers play that all the time. Theres two more races: Mining Ore, Mining Copper, and now Mining Iron. Their very recent so it should be easy to find without links.

too many lp's i think...

This is very good

The flow was perfectly seamless, apart from maybe the very end, and it was nice and inventive. You created some flow sections that i've never seen before, and they were brilliant - not many people can do that. The top section was indeed magnificent, I liked that a lot.

Now, if your tilesets were as good as your flow, you would be a force to be reckoned with ^^
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Fun, but not the prettiest.


to me, the aesthetics could use some work. also, the very top part that you run through, repeating it going backwards is also something very highly discouraged. maybe if you had like trapdoors right after you hit the spring into path of flow, something like that would have been great. other than that, the intro was pretty great i have to admit. got me pumped. 4/5
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Nice race

Very nice looking, but the flow is very hard to find in some cases. Kudos to the nice flow though. Also I highly discourage having only 1 tile to walljump off of, especially when the race is going quite fast and the flow is hard to find. However, nice clean item placements. 3.5/5


play sum runescape

haha im sorry, just what the title reminded me of.

no problem

& i like the start too =D

My flow died

but that was one EXPLOSIVE opening. 3.5/5
i see a difference in the shape but not the overall build. your mining copper one is a very good example of a different race


I liked the lasers and the whimsical, cury tiles. I wish the rocket at the end followed you a bit further, but I had fun with this. 4.5
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And an agd

plus full route ;D
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