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Author Wizard2
Tags author:wizard2 bluish dda rated thwumps
Created 2010-01-15
Last Modified 2010-01-15
by 7 people.
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Description The finale.

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Faster again.

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I hope you have fun and stuff. So you're not in IB?


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It's not bad, but there aren't very many close calls.
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Lovely simplistic thwump DDA. The drones provided mild entertainment, but that doesn't matter, cuz you're imba. Well, just wondering, how's your school so far? Mine's getting more irritating by the day.

One frame faster

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all keys
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close :(

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All-key demo.

Maybe I've become insane.
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Q: "And that matters why?"
A: I believe that those were the first great DDAs ever made.
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it's blue

Nice DDA, wizard. The first decent was my favorite part.
Has anyone ever made a multi-path thwump dda? you should try something like that next.


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and also

4/5 and this is your 1000th rating.

It was made in the style of ianb and Lucidium's experimental thwump D.D.A.s.

2000 frames

Sexy simplistic DDA. Course would've preferred more enemies but minimalism was nice.