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Author squibbles
Tags apt author:squibbles but-really-not-apt elegance rated seriously-im-not-in-it
Created 2010-01-15
Last Modified 2010-01-15
by 25 people.
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Description A huge thanks to Aldaric for doing an extensive playtest.

What I was aiming for was a feel of duality, where the travel to each side was carefree and relaxed, but the destination was...less so.

I fiddled with this style a while back, but I never really got it, I don't think. I'm unsure if that was inexperience, or what, but I realised that minimalism really suited this style well. My other maps were far too busy. I really tried to go for elegance, and simplicity with this map. I'm not actually in apt, as I forgot to sign up while it was happening (>.<), but I made it anyway. Hopefully I can convince Riobe to judge me along with the others so I can see how good he thinks it is from a judging standpoint! I'll just tag it anyway. :P

As it is, I think I succeeded, and I also think I can safely say that this is my best map in, well, ever.

The next is looking to be better though. Keep your eyes peeled for it. It's stunning so far.

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While I'm not too fond of the overall look, it certainly is distinctive. The gameplay is a little lacking, the only part I really liked was outrunning the puppy when coming out of the little tunnel. I think this map would appeal more to the highscorer type, but even so I think it merits a solid 3/5 for its good, clean design.
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On second thought, I should have picked a map of yours with less attention, sorry. Next round, I guess.


Fun map, too easy.

3.5 down.
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So uh...

The next, I can't actually guarantee will be better anymore.

I forgot to save it, so I only have the tiles, and some very basic gold placement. >.<

very nice. Faved

Great concept. I can't wait for the next one.

Five seventy-one.
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zomg so liek

and he was liek...
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I love simplicity.
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Demo Data
but the tiles were boring.

slow AGD

This map. It's good. As in awesome.
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i thought of slipknot.


Back up to 5/5!

but who cares :p

I think the relaxing theme was done well, but there was absolutely no tension anywhere, so it was a bit boring. Tileset is awesome, so 4/5

First try AGD
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good fun.. :D

like it very much.. :D
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Hello. Not bad, but it seemed kinda empty. 3.5 but i'll round up.
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It's a good song.

But in all honesty, it isn't named after it...I didn't even think about it. (I almost named it "Duality of the Soul")

I prefer Circle, though.
Was thinking of who it was when reading the title.


Fun to play. I dont think i ever seen a map without a mine before =D
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thanks everybody for doing it all. :)

The RCE stuff.


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Slow speedrun

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Really like it !

Not faster agd, But... it's an Zgd xD
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In style alone this map is stunning, the theme is also nicely done, both sides feel balanced.


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