Kool breaze

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Author ultimatereading
Tags agd author:ultimatereading ded gold kool-aid mines rated
Created 2010-01-15
Last Modified 2010-01-15
by 12 people.
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Description this is a ded to Kool-aid for being a one of the best mappers ever!! and also a cool guy hope you enjoy it mate!!! Fun to AGD so I want to see them.

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needs some enemies.

Cool Map!

5/5! This map taught me how to go through one-way platforms with bounceblocks. This map has been 5aved! (I think that mean 5/5 and faved! :D
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Needs enemies. But beautiful tileset, and nice mine placement.

i've never seen the bounce block thing before awesome map. i like the lack of enemies btw :D


nice map. love the gold placement too
but i like the loops with the mine, its very smooth.. smoother than i ever realized O.o


dont like the gold up top. nice (lack of) enemies tho


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