Revenge of the Baby-Sat

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n hobbes ibannart n-art rated
Created 2010-01-15
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 49 people.
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Description Sequel to this [] N-art by Jawbit [].

Dedicated to Jawbit for being a good friend. I'm glad I finally got the time to finish this today.

This took a while to make, mostly because I worked on it off and on and had to wait for it to load each time I added/worked on it. Calvin & hobbes is and will be the best comics for a very long time. Hopefully you enjoy this more than I do!

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weird, I'm a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan. It's the only good newspaper comic ever. Seriously. Just recently, I looked back through my old Garfield comics and, well, lets just say it's back up on the shelf.


looks great in full view as well. 5/5




PS - I just gave you your 1600th rating



My 5 got it up to a 3!


I <3 c&h


what? pakwan is a fucking dick. I'm just giving a shot at the mininalism like Wizard2 -_- Iban, I thought you knew who I was!


is pakwan back again?




I forgot you were going to do this! Awesome!!! Thanks for finishing what I was too lazy to do :p
Hiding in the shadows means you're a punk bitch. At least take credit for what you're doing.

NUMA Admin


the prequel, which is the reason why I chose Hobbes is mine only too. It felt right to use mines only in this one as well.

sorry Njitsu

I have had bad experiences with black in the past in n-arts. The only other color would be orange, and the contrast with the red would make it look ugly. using something other than mines would be gold (hard to see) or triggers, which i dont like to use as stated above.
but maybe try filling it in with some color? or using anything other than mines?



i like that it looks good in thumbnail and in full view. awesome n art. and i <3 hobbes :D


is of course awesome

looks good

love that comic.

as in