Dreaming Sky Priest

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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga featured rated
Created 2010-01-16
Last Modified 2013-01-23
by 22 people.
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This map was featured on 2010-06-16

A sky priest came through our town yesterday. In early morning he arrived, carrying a weary smile. In a soft voice he spoke, "Please, my I have a bed on which to sleep? My travel is long and restless." So we put him in the guest house, next to the shoe-maker's lodgings. He was such an odd sight, we thought, clustered around a window, watching him sleep. Features soft, yet lined by hardship, witnessed and endured. Someone took some charcoal and sketched his worldly dreams. — gloomp

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Ya this is good
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Sub-300 highscore

Fun map :D
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While we're at it,

two frames faster than Izzy's highscore run.
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Sub-900 AGD.

Probably should have 5'd this back in the day.
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Beautiful review.

Always loved this map.


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Interesting map

I really liked the sparse but effective use of objects.

"Someone took some charcoal and sketched his worldly dreams."

Oh, that's beautiful. You have my nom.

I don't really

see how the review fits this, it doesn't conjure any kind of effective atmosphere for me. The play feels very bland, too.

I do like the style of the review a lot, even though that typo is annoying.
a bit where you theres a little more gold but you have to unlock and enemy to get it or just more difficult gold and all that, the usual kinda stuff. but the atmosphere was really nice. and it was still enjoyable, had a cool adventure-y feel. but lacking in a bit of excitement.
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improvable-esp. at the end.
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this is great.

I made this demo as the perfect metaphor for an angel falling from flight.
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Brilliant map.

good work lost.


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This is actually a perfect map.

No this is an awesome review. Very fun to read.
the top-right section is beautifully designed with great gold placement. the gold pieces near the exit switch are less delightful, though trying to nab them at one go is a fun endeavor that takes a bit of skill.

I remember this.

This is an awesome feature. Thanks, gloomp.

I am glad to see that this is also a sky related map. I hope that all featured maps from now on will be sky related.

In terms of the map; it's by Losttortuga, and so I love it for the pretty tiles and perfect gameplay.

awesome feature

ill stop now, and sorry for spam.
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izzy got 258

so i redid it
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heavily fbf.
after last time i fbf'd a featured map i got heavily flamed, so i said to myself not to do it again.
however, izzy asked me to, just to see whether he can beat me or not.

He will.
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Highscore run

(Faster than AGD and higher time)

I liked this. Cheatable too :D
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what a way to lift the featured maps queue out of its rut.

This is a nice simplistic map with good gameplay in my opinion.

Best review

i have ever read.

That review




i remember i used to try to make maps exactly like you, but i never could.


a ton of fun. Really enjoyable.
And finally got around to playing it. Lovely tileset and atmosphere, as was most of the gameplay, but it got a bit choppy by the exit switch. It'll stay in my faves, though, and deserves a pretty solid 4.


It was a great map for about 75% of it, but then we got to the ending switch part, and it ruined it for me. I kept falling or slipping because the tiles messed up the flow.

So it's a 3.5^, if the flow worked it would've been a 5ave.



a remix of sorts []

Sure thing, man.

Go for it.


like spudz said, it's amazing how you can consistently make these tasteful tilesets.

would i be allowed to do a remix of this map?

I still dont see how you make tilesets like this. How does this stuff even pop up into your head. The tiny bits right by the exit switch are my favorite. I didnt like the gameplay too much, but was kinda fun to roam around.



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