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Author ultimatereading
Tags agd author:ultimatereading ded gold mines purplehippo rated
Created 2010-01-16
Last Modified 2010-01-16
by 8 people.
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Description this is a bit harder than it looks but I am very proud of this I think im pretty good at simple anyway thanks to Alderic for letting me join purplehippo ded to all those who are part of purplehippo. I would like to see plenty of agd's!!! RCE!!!

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Pages: (0) i like it so far but its totally bare bones and not finished was hoping you could make it awesome lol :D
But I'm gonna wait just a bit longer


go ahead:) []

as title I was thinking something like polluted or infected city or something.
They're yours! I made them for you guys to use it. And no problems, just make a map similar to the one you commented.


Expecially the tileset ;D, the map looks so simple and complicated at the same time....

Ooow, I've made a new signature+avatar ^_^ Yay!

you wanted to know how to do some nreality mods? go ahed and comment and tell me.

This may not have been intentional, but the normal doors were heavily restrictive on movement when they glitched.
but you should check out a few of my maps...for real.
and i like it also.. :D
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Don't take out the thwump, it makes the map interesting.
And don't think you're crap because someone was critical of your map.


you're cool. you'll always be cool :D

I didn't find it that hard. The thwump makes it a bit tricky, but that's about it.
Demo Data

i hope your right

/goes to play