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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob finish-this-map incomplete unrated
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2010-01-18
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Description Hey here's a challenge to you - using this as the base create a functional map. No rules expect post a link to this on your map and a link to your map on this one. Also - use the "finish-this-map" tag please.

In a couple days I'll chose my favorite and give that person a dedication map (do people still give deds?)

I want to see how creative people can get!

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If anyone has something they've been working on they can submit it though don't start something new. I'll hopefully get through all these by the weekend and post someones ded!


Maap []

Hello. []


is my map [].

Woah. I guess this are a lot more submissions than you expected.

i took a try [] too
thanks for that fun challenge :)
to explain my idea - i want to use just the tiles you had and add a few gold and oneways and that's it
hope for ded ;)

all switch demo
Demo Data

oO aaaah
bigger fail than Kaylab
Demo Data

My map [].


My map []
if you need someone


Oh wow

9 entries so far. Judgin gonna be tuff.

wow, cool idea!

speed-run :D
Demo Data


as promised: Cruor Vult [] []

Was real fun making it.

My map Heart View []



... []



No thanks you


Not that kind of finish.. xD

haha fail

atleast I was TRYING to be creative.
Demo Data

Will do



There are no rules. Add or delete.

Though it would probably be better if you can see some resemblance to the original.

can we edit tiles?

want to make sure