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Author Wizard2
Tags action author:wizard2 finish-this-map puzzle unrated
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2010-01-19
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Probably the hardest map I've ever made.
For Evil Bob's contest [].

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Results to the challenge are posted Here []


Did you want this considered for the challenge? If so just link to the original in your description and then post a link to this map in a comment on the original. I can't consider it unless you do that - it's part of the rules and only fair.

Thanks for participating!

Almost speedrun

It's a bit easy for a speedrun but hard for an AGD.
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This looks fucking amazing in the thumbnail. If evil_bob won't let this win he is stupid. I can imagine playing this and it is just… wow... Epic dude. Well done. 5/5 but I can't rate. Faved.

(gonna be my first feature)

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Here's an alternative gold route for the main, 3/4-circle:
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Not as far as last time. Oh, and that's no problem!
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Yeah, sorry about that.


you edited it. Wait up for another demo.


far as I got on my first try.

Very fast paced here. Nice use of thatseeker drone, but it kinda did the same thing as the floorguard. It did open up when you got the trapdoor, but not enough in my opinion. I died in probaby the hardest part in the map - with that rocket following you into the chaingun room. Love the use of the one-ways and that gauss.
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