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Author bufar
Tags action author:bufar finish-this-map playable rated
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2010-01-18
by 7 people.
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Description Xiao Wu's existence revolves around school, an empty apartment and the dubious comforts in instant noodles. His routine is subtly transformed by a Korean tenant in the apartment. Their paths cross only once in a while. Xiao Wu longs for human contact. He tries all he can to establish a connection through physical and metaphorical walls in that hour between night and day. []

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I liked the extra mines and the aesthetics. I entered my way through this map, but I still can't piece together a good demo. Faved for later.

This map

is Evil_Bob worthy.
but it's still not bad.



Results to the challenge are posted Here []

I'm glad you like it. I think it's the best too, but I'm a little biased.

thats so far the best and minimalistic level of evil bob's challenge

it seems that no one niticed your 4:30 hours of work...
it is very, very well timed
- this is a demo, how far i get :D
but i'll have a try on it later on
Demo Data

That's roughly how long I worked on it. But I did end around that time.