Cruor Vult

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Tags author:palemoon finish-this-map unrated
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2010-01-18
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Description made for Evil_Bob's Finish This Map! []

Really happy with this! it feels like a real location - a cultist knothole or something. Enjoy.

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may use questionable gold patterns, but this map is pretty cool. The looks are great, and you've expanded nicely from the original. Love what you did with those mine circles and the tiles. The middle part through the tunnels and the mines was really hard. If you made the tunnels more spacey, this would be more enjoyable, because it was really frustrating after getting all of the gold, then loosing it all at the first mine part. :/
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NOICE map!

really atmospheric

it feels a lot different to the other entries, a bit hard though

the gold patterns

look like boners


fun, random map. I like its random, unexpectedness
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