Wonderland (冬)

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Author furry_ant
Tags action adventure author:furry_ant finish-this-map rated wonderland
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2013-04-25
by 5 people.
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Description For Evil Bob's challenge. []

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Pakwan?Lol that means Water melon in Tagalog

why are you putting Japanese characters? ughh your not even Japanese


Results to the challenge are posted Here []

congrats on the ded btw. :]
Thanks for the feedback, man.


really like your trees. :) Nice and relaxing map. You've taken an alternate turn on the original map, and it's a nice one. The gauss was a cool touch, especially when you jump through those mines at the start. Liked the floorguard too. Nothing here to improve on, really. You've nailed it.
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This is by far the most drastic change in the whole contest.

AGD Death

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VERY nice map btw.
but its cool

Oh and thanks

It would have sucked if I got disqualified.


I swear I touched a mine in this demo.
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