Shish Kabomb

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Author script
Tags author:script dda flcdda shish-kabomb unrated
Created 2010-01-18
Last Modified 2013-01-06
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Description inspired by this []
longest time i've ever spent on a DDA. still not even a day though. so it probably sucks by most people's standard.
i thought it was funny and cool, though. enjoy!

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THAT is the coolest thing ever

Thanks man!

Your maps are pretty cool too, I'm going to try speedrunning them. :D

I like these a lot

The head impale was very cool. I think it would be epic to have 2 parts flying around, on separate halves of the map & rejoin at the end. I like this reborn dda style =)


the head gets impaled!



i think this kind of map could get /very/ interesting, because they're 1. easier to make than regular ddas, 2. in my opinion more fun to watch, and 3. like atom said, you can use many different types of enemies. i was just too lazy and decided to just use mines.
and a tip for making them; while testing if a new mine or enemy is in the way of the ninja before it needs to be, i would just use overclock. unless you don't have it. but if you do, overclock is extremely useful for not having to sit through the entire thing 100 times before you finish.


Much better speed, much more mines...
But you know, there are other things, like drones, floorguards and thwumps, who could be used for propulsion of the limb - just mines aren't enough and a little boring to watch.
I think it's good enough, though. And i like the pit idea for keeping other pieces together.
I think some parts of it go too fast, and the lack of drones downplays the amount of work that the public may think goes into this, but it is still nice. I like how the head is impaled at the end. :)
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