Aura of Silence

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Created 2010-01-19
Last Modified 2010-01-19
by 5 people.
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Is like good haiku:
Single notion blossoming;
uniform content.
Your maps inspired a couple in my column so far.
Would you like to collab? Hit up on the forums if so.

username: Kobratikk


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Palemoon got an avatar that I think is awesome!

or rather


quick NGD

and Sidke's avatar is badass
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I am a member of Ciconiiformes Ardeidae and while i have been feeding upon a school of Osteichthyes with my exceptionally long bill built especially for this purpose i would now like to take this moment in time to inform you of the fact that if you fail to submit a small message of opinion on ten separate cartographs before the ere of the morrow, I will endeavor to aviate my way into your cookery and render your cooking tools into a disorganized state.


the chaingun. The tiles were cool as well. I would have liked something more on this map, like a gauss or something in that top bit, or like that. I also liked the way in which you had to jump accross to the exit switch, and then you could just jump back and continue like nothing ever happened. :3
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