Ballistic Picnic

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Author furry_ant
Tags 250 author:furry_ant enclosed nullsleep rated survival
Created 2010-01-19
Last Modified 2010-01-19
by 7 people.
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Description pretty claustrophobic survival.

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Well, lets just say it wasn't as good as Destination Tomorrow :)
But seriously I didn't really think that the enemies worked too well together here. Not a very intense survival.

Reference to the

Nullsleep song? If so, I love that song. I might love this map too, will keep you posted...
in my books
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it's coldplay.


what's yours?


getting down is a bit inconvenient, but the rest is great. 4 from me.
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very nice :)

tiles are gread.. placement is good, too



It's a survival.. xD Fuck that, dude. I'm stoned! xD

As far as I got

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you can survive infinitely there, other than that, it's pretty well made.
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