Side Jumper

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Author BluePretzel
Tags action author:bluepretzel corner unrated
Created 2010-01-21
Last Modified 2010-01-23
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description speed all gold demos require a corner jump!

Edit: easier to speedrun AGD

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i like it

how you make maps that are easy to complete, but friggin hard to AGD.


u answered fast! i have done the steps that zthing said, and ive got the url, but i dont understand how to put it into nreality code


i made that corner jump first try! but then i died =P

& its fine if you used that name, i didn't copyright it. plus if it was ice giant, i dont think anyone would have made that connection... not even me ;D
Demo Data


this is pretty near maxed methinks
Demo Data


100 frames slower again.

Fun little dynamic there.
Demo Data

Thats what i got

when i was making it -- but it wasnt recording XP

nearly 100 frames faster
Demo Data

Basic AGD

probably for -experienced- players. Prove me wrong.
Demo Data