Rouge Platforms

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Author BluePretzel
Tags action author:bluepretzel kra oneways unrated
Created 2010-01-22
Last Modified 2010-01-22
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Map Data

Description Aim for a AGD KRA. The first part is the hardest, but the rest is easy. Enjoy!

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Or not

Maybe there's one more frame left to squeeze out of this. ;)

Your maps rock.
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no KRA.
Demo Data
Its an all gold demo. I kept the rocket alive. I didnt complete it though.

Thanks about the avitar. I made it on photoshop at school. Turned out very nicely <3

& thanks for saying your only here because of thunderking =). really shocked that the n-art has that effect, but im glad it does. It brightened my dull day =]
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äh... the trees :) []

i don't know how to du a no-jump mod, may you do?

and yeah, the idea is fantastic, i'll work on it

can i sub it? and do you want to write the story...?

rubber tree? []


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Real cool.

I liked this map because if it's simplicity. Yeah, sure, this type of thing has been done a lot, but I liked how you have to hold back at the start when you're going for a KRA (well, that's what I did). The gold was nice to collect, and the rocket was really good too. Cool little map here. :D


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a sole frame faster KRAspeed
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Thats it Pyrocheese

thats what i made it as :D


could be faster
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