Mandatory Minimalism

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Author aerodynamic
Tags 1-of-each action author:aerodynamic fun hard playable unrated
Created 2010-01-22
Last Modified 2010-01-22
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description For andreas_xx's contest. [] You had to use one of every object and tile, no more, no less. So, uh, yeah... I think I managed to fit a surprising amount of gameplay into this, whether or not it's good gameplay is up to you.

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I don't use it much, except to play Nreality image maps and such


I do post more deaths than completions

wow nice gameplay here!
And teraza, all the objects do serve a purpose. The laser and chaingun are there to kill you if you fall from the bounceblock, the nan'd drone is part of an almost insurmountable wall, etc. It's a stretch, sure, but I think they've all been used.


i swear you post more death demos than completions.

Anyway, it's not your fault, but it seems like the rules of this contest kinda prevent a good map to be made...

Umm, death

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you have ensured tht everyone will read the first comment


completely failed at writing that sentence below. Please ignore it.


it's seems really pathetic to say that on this map though
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