Castlevania Level 26: Shaft

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv3 hard intense unrated wbc
Created 2010-01-23
Last Modified 2010-01-25
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Description Sonia looked at the man who had appeared before her. He was dressed like the pope, the only difference was that his robes were red. His chin was very pronounced and his face bore that heavy look of an old man. But something was giving him strength beneath this exteriore, for he did not move, any part of himself, except his mouth when he spoke.

"What is your name?" Sonia asked slowly

"I am Shaft... and your name would be," He began.

Sonia was about to tell him but she didn't have the chance.

"Sonia... Belmont... You are from the clan which Alucard gave the strength to destroy my most holy lord Dracula."

"HOLY!" Sonia yelled at the man, his words piercing through to her rage, "That monster is resposible for man's torment! HE MUST BE DESTROYED!"

"I must not allow you to undo what I have done! I SHAFT HE RETURNED MAN'S RIGHTFUL RULER TO HIS THRONE OF JUDGEMENT!"

The man vanished and a blue orb shot across from the other side of the room.

4 levels to go! then CV3 will be over. I enjoyed making the tiles and perfecting this level. please rate, comment, and post demos. Thanks :)

edit: toned it down.. just a little.

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alter the looks of the items... Like the rocket in front of the thwump, or like the buttons in oneways and stuff. Cool :) 4/5 :)
but some of those rockets must've been st to ludicrous. They were impenetrally hard. still, a good effort