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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset dda newdraft unrated
Created 2010-01-23
Last Modified 2010-01-23
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Description Starting a new line of tags called "newdraft". It's mainly on concepts I think are cool, maps I think are hysterical, or simply enjoyable maps. I like this especially because if you take out the gold, doors, and teleporters, it turns out to be an endless dda.

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How do you make a teleporter?

I liked

it well the fact that I could never make a dda ups the rating to 5
if thats alright.

I actually liked the mines but i wasnt fond of the teleporter.

dont use mines in dda's, its useless.


too many launchpads. and a simple never-ending dda would be like, putting ninja between to launchpads. that's never ending, right? nr.
60 frames faster than my last run
Demo Data


by 30 frames
Demo Data


kinda interesting but mosylt boring because of lack on enemy-ness
Demo Data


the mild mannered person below, not able to reduce fantasy from reality.


ok, 3/5