Your Dark Stare Is Allways Upon Me

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Author brainbabe
Tags action author:brainbabe playable rated
Created 2010-01-23
Last Modified 2010-01-23
by 8 people.
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Description Im incapable of making easy maps!! =[

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Attempted speedrun

It looks great, and has great flow in my opinion

What I didn't like was the top right section. It was really difficult until I found n easy route, at which point it was incredibly easy(see demo)

Also, the bottom part was different from the rest of the map, but that isn't really a problem, I kinda liked it actually :D
Demo Data
The tiles are great, and the gameplay is fun. I didn't like the bottom right gold placement, but it was fun. Keep mapping.

Pretty cool.

There some fun moments, and it didn't look half bad either. 3/5.
Demo Data
thankyou for the help =]
ment to be personally.
I'm just trying to give more constructive comments now and then:)

Also, I used the tileset, but I'm not sure if I did any good. It was a difficult tileset to use, I must say:) []

go for it =]

I like that fact that you're telling me. I find it hard to rate people down sometimes in case they take it personally =P. make sure you send me a link!
I can't decide wheter to go up or down with the ratings.

Also, do you care if I try and use that tileset?
I'd credit and shizzle.
I also like the tiles alot, again.
But I'm not a great fan of the gameplay. The middle room feels too empty, but has (on the other hand) too many enemies. The right upper room is a tad too hard. The right lower room feels completely out of space, but I like that one the most.

Hoorah, constructive comment #5
It looked great, and the thump mechanisms were really stunning. Like, wow.

Also, you gave me a few ideas for some maps of my own, and I was beginning to lose steam. Thanks! ;)
The aesthetics are a lot neater on this one too, keep this stuff up ^^

by 88-4 he means this:
(though I wouldn't try to complete it now, as it /is/ the last level of episode 88 in the actual game... So you'll be extra fustrated you have to complete it again)

Anyway, this level. Yeah, I found it fun, apart from the top right thwump section which was more annoying than enjoyably tricky. Apart from that one section this map was very relaxing and fun, I especially like the starting section with the gauss.

{phew} now my fingers ache xD
But it isn't "hard". Play 88-4. That is hard.

This is very relaxing, and very well put together. It even looks fantastic! 4