A Droll Inconvenience

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob hard playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-01-24
Last Modified 2010-01-24
by 6 people.
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Description Map #498 (Count down to 500)

Total time of creation: 1 hour

This one's a difficult puzzle. A neo-classical Evil Bob map right here. There are parts that may confuse you yet! I will provide a "solution" demo (I hit a mine as I was jumping to the exit... otherwise it'd be completion)

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I love how the first thwump can be touched in the back to set it off, but then you can't go anywhere after that, like a teaser.
just, really nice
Demo Data

I hope you're on IRC tonight so I can tell you how fucking amazing you are.


Haha well no you're not. You're going the opposite direction you should (i.e. you should go out where you went in)

I liek the tiles

tiles are kewl


love how intriguing your maps are. At first, they are just a map. There's the enemies, and the switches. But, as you delve deeper parts fall away, and at the core of it all is a fantastically thought-out map. What I first thought was an elaborate freeform map turned out to be a devilish puzzle. And a fantastic one at that.

All gold for you. And a definite fave.
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Am I doing it right?
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I like the tiles >:U

wtf ;-;

This map is way too hard for normal people D: Amazing concept though, but I really hate the tiles ;-; 4/5

"Solution" Demo

Yeah sorta pissed about that last jump...
Demo Data