The Universal Dream

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset dda rated tileset
Created 2010-01-24
Last Modified 2010-01-24
by 16 people.
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Description After arguing with myself 100 times I decided to leave ratings on.
It took me 4 hours to PERFECT every detail. you can use the tiles too if you like :p

some of you may have noticed the 'cool people' list on my profile. for those who haven't, now you have. for those who don't give 2 shits, i don't care. you can only get on this list if you are a good friend, cool, nice, and not prickish.

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very cool.
MAKE MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh fuck!!!!

I posted a pastebin of my 100th map and now I cant find it plus I didnt save it :(
The DDA is an artform; make whatever you want.
Maybe you should try a kradda or something.

:) []

1) Aesthetics good for a dda
2) ...

Not that it's bad... It's just not that interesting. A good dda (imo) is one that has lots of high tension moments, and so I'm not a fan of this...

Still 3

This was great man

but i think it couldve used a tiny bit more... danger
It was impressive, but sorta boring to watch. A laserdrone or zapdrone, perhaps?
= boredom

Well, if your DDA doesn't have interesting "gameplay" it ought to have aesthetics, but it doesn't. Still, propulsion methods, close calls and uniqueness are what really matter.


i agree with you 'bout the mines but these people really seems to be complaining about the aesthetics :/


not about aesthetics. It's about the over-use of launchpads. The golden rule for DDAs is to use launchpads to a minimum. Use other methods of propulsion next time.

Well, the DDA felt a bit bland through and through. Yeah, there were mines, but eh, mines can only go so far.

oh come on guys

aesthetics are unimportant
welcome to post modernism, bitches

Almost speedrunned
Demo Data
this isn't really a good example of my abilities.

The Communist Manifesto is generally considered required reading for making good DDAs also.
as it is a cheap way to avoid dying in a close call. You didn't even have any close calls, which made the teleporter just seem...odd. :/

I'd suggest using some enemies next time, as mines alone are rather boring in DDAs. take a look at some other DDAs, highly rated ones, and try and model yours off them. Also, I'd suggest you read the DDA manifesto, it certaintly helps.

Good luck with your 3rd. :)

its not you

and im gonna go watch futurama now anyways

Whatever floats your boat. I just didn't want to be discouraging.

I'm not saying that because you made one poor DDA doesn't mean you suck a it. I've made a few DDAs that are total crap, but I also made one that was the highest rated DDA on NUMA for a short while.

nah bufar

that was kind of a joke :P

as for the link, this was meant to be more of experiment, just wanted to try out a dda was all, and with the comments below, well... I see i ain't that cut out to make a dda.

Since you can't make a good DDA with a teleporter (and I'm not the only one who thinks so []), why did you do it? You seem to be spiting yourself. It's like making a prisoner map with one drone.

In response to this comment:
"your opinion is undermined
for you disapear."
I think that you're saying my opinion has no value because I left the page. If this were true, everything that has ever been written down would meaningless.

It's not hard at all to place mines somewhat closer to the ninja's flight path. But I'm not criticising you; it's obviously an acquired skill. And four hours isn't a very long time to spend on a DDA.

Could've at least made sure the ninja got within a frame of some of the mines.
i like how you went back and forth, though. that was neat.


...haha :P
Demo Data
make a dda with a teleporter with the take ddachallenge and if you win you'll get a ded from me.

why no enemies?

fun route.

didn't you leave?

like months ago?

Pretty nice

I like the beginning. The teleporter is cool too, regardless of what people are saying. Listen to them and your map will look like random shit scattered around >_> 5

i must admit

its terrible. but why don't you try making a dda with a teleporter >_> not so easy now is it.
but the edited launchpad just ruins the natural adventure kinda feel you get. just. yeah. fucks up the whole vibe a bit :/ plus it's jarring to look at. but i really like the adventure-y feel
for you disapear.

My opinions on the first part and the launchpads still stand.



read the tags.

Disregard my comment.