Some Hotel Room

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Author script
Tags author:script featured flag incomplete-tags inspired rated romaniac some-hotel-room
Created 2010-01-24
Last Modified 2013-01-06
by 21 people.
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Description irc collab with much complaining (mainly by me) about it being three in the morning and all.
this was going on at the same time that the two-way collab between romaniac and flag was going on so it was confusing and all that stuff.

This map was featured on 2010-11-24

At first I thought it was a cave, with its craggy edges and explosive ridges, then I realised there were no Zubat.

Then I thought it might be a citadel, with walls that keep you trapped inside and rowdy folk who want to hurt you, then I realised the floors were made of glass.

Script's map Some Hotel Room doesn't look like a hotel room. Hence the title, but as you delve further and further into the gameplay you will find that once you are inside, it's pretty tricky trying to get out.

And the staff aren't helpful at all. — ChrisE

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Raping it

with an awesome AGD.

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I always knew you'd come 'round.

I can't believe this shit. The first comment on this map is true.

Fantastic review


I will add this map to my favourites...
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forgot about script

he rocks


ahhhhh I love ChrisE's reviews ^_^

congrats, scripto




yes, the Ferox maps. That was so awesome. I'm so glad that the past 5 maps thing reminded me of this.

just love that gold

realy 5d



One of my favorite Script maps.


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nice map



I didnt actually realise how similar it was :( do you mind if I keep it listed cause I'm so proud of it. also as I asked earlier would you like to do a collab for purplehippo?

first go

quite fun
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Did you rated yet? :D

Why, yes I did.