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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading fun gold rate rated
Created 2010-01-24
Last Modified 2010-01-25
by 8 people.
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Description first map in a long long time that I've been very very proud of ded to TheBlackLion and n0_ma11y who are currently trying to help me figure out nreality. RCE!!!!

For everyone whos been complaining about blacklion and n0_ma11y they did not fail they have only just began to help me I probably phrased it wrong so sorry to everyone.

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mean for image maps? in only know how to do backround images and you just paste the url after the first |

im not really

that good at nreality i just look at Player_o3's wiki page lol

Your latest map =


No problem.


Sometimes I have bad days too.

Fun Map!

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Much faster.
Demo Data

Slightly different route.
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Way faster, using spoon's route.

I'll try to help you learn nReality if you want.
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Very slow speedrun.

Anyways, this map is great. The leftmost bounceblock seems innocent enough, but it is evil.
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nah its not that

im just saying those few espesially because Ive talked/collabed with them quite recently. Youre still a friend ultimate, you gave me my first collab and told me what 'collab' meant! thats pretty darn friendly :)

also, if i went all out, I wouldve had a list


big! youve been on my profile list for ages (cos your at the top), so you officially count as a friend ^^

Oh and,

PM me on the forums (I'm terrazza). I wanna do an nreality collab with you. Just PM me with some mods we might use. I'll try make a backround/foreground image aswell with the tiles whoever makes.

Ah ok.

Hey you want any tipes for nreality?

And I thought you just spawn somewhere f2p (free to play) when you quit in a member place while being f2p.


I didn't like the mines by the trap door.

"ded to TheBlackLion and n0_ma11y for trying to help me figure out nreality."

I take it this means they didn't succeed? :p

speed. and agree with timetech this is awesome
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definite 5.
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map this is probably in my view your best map yet