D-Luxe (Back again)

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Author Triforce
Tags action author:triforce jumper unrated
Created 2010-01-25
Last Modified 2010-01-25
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Description first map in... a while. I'm back in the mapping action :D

As for this style, I got it from playing Erik-Player's maps. Real inpiration, man. Real inspiration...


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that was... fast...


can you make a map for my map pack? tag it with collections too

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I like the fact that the first room is the hardest. That way if you get past it, the rest is much easier =D

its cool that your back... you have an awesome username <3
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lol agd slow again.
sorry for spamming
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slow speed.

i love this 4/5aved
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first try agd

slow as hell lol
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eh I didn't really expect any comments anyways :P