Jungle Cruise

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Author shadow93kangaroo
Tags author:shadow93kangaroo blue car collab mechrider nreality unrated
Created 2010-01-25
Last Modified 2010-01-25
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Map Data

Description Take to the jungle with N's Jeep and dodge the illegal snipers and rocketmen! Avoid busting your tyres on the spiky plants [] and quickly bounce off the rubber trees [] for a u-turn boost!
This map is all about AGD speedrunning... with the right speed! If it's wrong, you might blow up on the mines or not make the right jump.

Third of the 'mechrider' series, Enjoy your tour!

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N Reality requiret

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thanks peeps

wow a late reply much ><


I thought the tree near the button killed you. Oops.

Nope. It's pretty much flawless.
This is probably my favourite. The mines were perfect, the rockets were fun, and there would be only two things I would say.

1) The spike tree ruined the flow. Alot.
2) A background would be nice =D

Love it never the less.

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