Joint Synchronization

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n drones ibanrace launchpads race rated
Created 2010-01-26
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 12 people.
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Description Based on Riobe's Mutual Agreement. Playtested by Riobe as well. Enjoy.

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Sweet race. I swear each race you do just gets more and more stunning. :)
but I still love the way you used Riobe's concept. It's easy to see how much work went into this, and it payed off.

Didn't like it that much...
and you are pretty good at races ^^
u just have to spend more time on each part of flow and try and make it perfect... well thats what i try to do anyway.
Mutual agreement pulls off this concepts without any breaks or bumps in the flow, which is the core reason why it works so well. Here however, you have diagonal launchpads blasting you directly into tiles placed perpendicular to the ninjas direct (Like the second pads). Also the drone timing required me to go slower than i wanted to go, thus killing me over and over again.

But apart from those odd moments, the flow was generally pretty good, and by watching your demo i can see that it works fairly well. 3.5v
But I can't play it. If only I was on the computer... :(
when you said bouncyblocks ;D

thanks for the advice =]

for this map..

first complaint is going from a flat section onto one tiles doesn't work without a jump... consequently i was too fast for the drone.

I didn't like the section of flow directly after the second lot of bounceblocks either... it wasn't really smooth at all.

The concept (bounceblocks) on the other hand was great... I love how it makes you think everytime. the flow was alright... some good bits and some bad. and the asthetics were alright... i think they need to follow more of a theme though.
I reckon this is worth a 3.5^
well done.
do u want me to??? coz u just subbed this?? i dont mind either way.. as long as we sub it soon :P

agd completion

yeah, the timing there has to be perfect. Its probably the hardest part of the race.
Demo Data

I think the launchpads in the bottom left corner are too hard.